Friday, October 9, 2015

Mitchell's Spicy Bacon-Ranch Cheese Fries

A hearty thanks to Mitchell Sibley '17 for this recipe!

"For what it lacks in health, it makes up for in flavor! In order for this recipe to work, the salad bar must have bacon bits and shredded mozzarella cheese. This is the perfect 'any-tizer' and the recipe is flexible enough that the listed amounts can vary to any personal preference."

Spicy Bacon-Ranch Cheese Fries 
1 plate of Fries (As many as you want; steak fries or waffle fries preferred)
1 Scoop of Mozzarella cheese
1-3 Jalapenos, sliced
1/2 scoop bacon bits
Ranch dressing

Get a plate of fries; steak fires are the best but any will do (sweet potato not recommended). Add jalapenos and bacon bits to fries. Cover in Mozzarella cheese and microwave for 20-40 seconds. Grab a small plate and put some ranch dressing on it for dipping.