Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spiced Cocoa Bread Pudding

I am a big fan of the Ratty's new coffee station. This bread pudding is excellent for finals week. Why? It contains cinnamon, coffee, cocoa, and coconut. Cinnamon is supposed to boost your memory so you can fit more names and dates into your brain before 2 pm. Coffee will help you keep your eyes open while you study. Cocoa will make you feel as if you are falling in love-a good mood-uplifter after the exam. Coconut will remind you of tropical places and the holidays - yes, my friends, the end is in sight!

Spiced Cocoa Bread Pudding (a.k.a. Finals Week Bread Pudding)
1 slice soft bread roll with glazed top, cubed
1/2 cup milk
2 Tbsp coffee
cocoa powder
coconut flakes

Put bread in a bowl and fill to the brim with milk and a little bit of coffee. Add a dash of cinnamon and cocoa powder. Microwave on high for 1/5 minutes. Sprinkle on some coconut flakes and raisins. Dust with more cinnamon and cocoa powder, if desired, and enjoy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Harvest Veggie Melt

On below-freezing days nothing hits the spot better than hot steamy veggies and melted cheese. Just look at that ooey cheesy broccoli goodness - it's calling your name.

Harvest Veggie Melt
raisins (optional)
shredded cheese
garden veggie pasta sauce

1. Gather veggies on a plate.
2. Drizzle with garden veggie pasta sauce.
3. Sprinkle cheese on top, cover and microwave for 2 minutes on high. Enjoy on a cold day.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Raymond's Crunchy Lettuce Chickpea Salad

All food is beautiful on the inside, wouldn't you agree? This one was thought up by our creative genius friend, Raymond, who insisted that it was ugly and I shouldn't take a picture of it. But I did, since I thought it was a pretty genius salad combination of crunchy, crispy, and protein-y elements.

Raymond's Crunchy Lettuce Chickpea Salad
dollop of chickpea salad (roots and shoots line)
crunchy crouton strips (is that what they're called?)

Mix everything together and enjoy!

Herb Baked Chicken Garden Salad

Sunday brunch getting repetitive, you say? Mix things up with a mixed greens salad!

Herb Baked Chicken Garden Salad
1 piece of Herb Baked Chicken*
mixed greens
baby tomatoes
olive oil and lemon wedge, if desired

Use a fork and knife to shred the chicken. Toss with other ingredients. A little squirt of lemon adds some nice contrast to the fat from the chicken, as do a shaking of salt/pepper.

*the drumstick pieces are the best. (but don't tell anyone I told you that)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Egg Salad and Cucumber Tea Sandwich

There's something about little crustless triangular sandwiches that just make you want to make a cup of tea and stick out your pinky while you sip it.

Egg Salad and Cucumber Tea Sandwich
2 slices whole wheat bread
egg salad
cream cheese (optional)

1. Cut crusts off of bread.
2. Spread egg salad and cream cheese on bread and top with cucumbers.
3. Make a sandwich and cut into four triangles. Be fancy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Savory Spinach Tofu Wrap

Savory Spinach is delicious by itself, but downright scrumptious in a wrap. I mean, who can resist the green spinach-y cross section of a wrap filled with Savory Spinach? Your post-Thanksgiving protein/fat/sugar-laden digestive system will thank you.

Savory Spinach Tofu Wrap
1 herb (?) tortilla (the one with the greenish flecks in it)
vegan grilled Asian veggies
peanut butter
soy sauce
tofu (6-8 cubes)
savory spinach

1. Mix 2 Tbsp peanut butter with a tsp of soy sauce. Spread on flour tortilla. Drizzle with honey.
2. Put veggies, tofu, and spinach on tortilla. Wrap it up, cut in half, admire the cross-section. Enjoy!

Scallion Mashed Potatoes

An East-meets-West twist on a Thanksgiving classic.

Scallion Mashed Potatoes
1 baked potato
2 Tbsp sour cream
1 Tbsp sesame oil
splash of milk
1/4 cup scallions

Scrape out the insides of the potato and combine with the rest of the ingredients, minus the scallions. Stir in the scallions once the potato mixture is as smooth as you want it (I like it a bit chunky).