Monday, October 17, 2011

Cilantro Grilled Chicken with Apple Butter Mushrooms

What's the difference between regular ol' grilled chicken and Gourmet Grilled Chicken? The secret is in the Mushroom Sauce. There might be a few secrets in the grilling too, but for those of us who aren't in charge of the grilling, we can still make a hot buttery sauce to dress up our bird.

With some white space on the plate and a healthy dose of imagination, you might just trick yourself into thinking you're dining at l'refectorie Sharpe.

Cilantro Grilled Chicken with Apple Butter Mushrooms
1 large piece of roasted sweet potato
broccoli rabe
1 Cilantro Grilled Chicken breast
Apple Butter Mushrooms (see recipe below)

Scrape out the flesh of the sweet potato and mash with a fork. Discard the skin. Place mashed sweet potato on plate, then top with broccoli rabe and grilled chicken. Finish with a spoonful or two of Apple Butter Mushrooms.

Apple Butter Mushrooms
1/4 cup apple juice
2 butter packets (1 Tbps)
5-6 mushroom slices
pinch salt

Put all ingredients in a bowl and microwave for 1 minute or until butter melts and mushrooms are cooked.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Muenster Muffin Melt

When Providence weather gives you the chills, make yourself a Muenster Muffin Melt. Thanks to our friend Yanqiang for yet another oozingly scrumptious creation!

(I confess that I personally did not taste the finished product but who really would doubt hot melted cheese on toasted English muffins?)

Yanqiang's Muenster Muffin Melt
slice of muenster
sliced mushrooms
sliced zucchini
roast beef
1 English muffin, sliced and toasted

Toast the English muffin. Place bottom of muffin on a plate, and top with veggies, beef, and cheese. Top with other half of muffin. Microwave for 40 seconds or until cheese is melted and oozing onto the plate. Eat on a chilly autumn day.