Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jennifer's Wafflewich Panini

What do you get when you cross a waffle with a panini? A wafflewich panini! (or waffini...or paniffle...?)

Special thanks to Jennifer Pan for sending us this ingenious recipe. According to Jennifer, "you can do a lot more with waffle paninis" - we're thinking roast beef and swiss; grilled chicken and roasted red peppers; chicken fingers, lettuce, and honey mustard sauce...the wafflewich panini possibilities are endless.

Jennifer's Wafflewich Panini
1 waffle
1 slice ham
1 slice turkey
1-2 slices cheese

Make a waffle, cut in half. The two halves are now your "bread." If you're really hungry you can just make 2 separate waffles.

Pile one of your waffle halves with everything you'd like in your panini. I usually go for ham, turkey, cheese and lettuce. Drizzle the other waffle half with maple syrup. (If you don't want syrup in your panini you can skip this step, it's still good.)

Put the 2 waffle halves together so that the syrup side is on the inside of the sandwich. Panini press it.