Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Almost Seven Layer Dip

...Because it's six layers, unless you count the plate. Just layer it in the mug, invert, remove the mug, and viola! A happy little cylinder of food. But in the recent sweltering atmosphere of the Ratty, if you don't attack the dip immediately it will collapse into an amorphous blob. Still delicious, nonetheless.

Almost Seven Layer Dip
diced tomatoes
pinto beans
shredded cheese
sour cream

1. Layer the tomatoes, guacamole, pinto beans, scallions, cheese, and sour cream in a mug, in that order. It helps to alternate layers of "mortar" with...uh...bricks?
2. Invert mug onto a plate.
3. Remove mug carefully.
4. Serve with crackers or chips or toasted pita bread or cucumbers.