Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rice Krispies Banana Napoleon

This is more like a Rice Krispies sandwich rather than a napoleon, but who cares what it's called? It's delicious! This is how to eat it: Eat the three banana slices on top first. Pick up the rest of the sandwich, spoon some soft serve ice cream on top, and take a bite. Repeat!

Rice Krispies Banana Napoleon
1 thick Rice Krispies slice
1/2 banana
soft serve vanilla ice cream

1. Carefully cut the Rice Krispies slice into two thinner slices.
2. Slice the banana into thick medallions.
3. Layer the banana slices between the Rice Krispies. Put some bananas on top.
4. Attempt to coax the vanilla soft serve into a tame swirl on a small plate.
5. Enjoy as described above.