Friday, January 29, 2010

PB, J, and Mozzarella

What can you do with a mozzarella ball, other than toss it with salad and/or some sort of pasta? I'm not saying that that's not delicious (frankly I love anything that involves mozzarella...or cheese for that matter), but I wanted to try something a little bit "out there." So with "an open heart and an empty stomach" (or shall I say an open mind?), I say unto you in the words of the Chairman's uncle, "Allez Cuisine, mozzarella pb and j!" (okay, I admit that last part was not in the original transcript.)

PB, J, and Mozzarella
3 mozzarella balls (from antipasto bar, Tastes of the World)
1/3 cup all natural peanut butter
2 Tbsp each of Rice Krispies, Honey granola, and Toasted wheat germ (in the soymilk fridge)
2 packets of grape jelly (about 1 Tbsp?)
1 Tbsp honey
1 tall glass of milk/soymilk/water*

1. Mix grape jelly and honey in a small cup. Put peanut butter in another cup.
2. Dip mozzarella balls, one at a time, first into the peanut butter (using a fork) to coat all over, then roll in cereal of choice.**
3. Drizzle with grape jelly-honey mixture and eat with milk/soymilk.

*optional, but highly recommended as I did not have a glass of milk as I was chewing one of these and found myself craving milk like crazy afterwards.
**while Honey granola may look pretty with its grooves and textures, it is actually quite a challenge to chew when combined with pb and a lump of mozzarella. I recommend the other two cereals, especially if you happen to have a toothache or a small mouth.