Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cobb Salad

Whoever came up with the bacon, lettuce, tomato combo was a genius. According to Wikipedia,

"The Cobb salad is a main-dish garden salad made from chopped salad greens (head lettuce, watercress, chicory, and romaine), tomato, crisp bacon, boiled or roasted chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, avocado, chives, red-wine vinaigrette and Roquefort cheese. The salad was invented in the 1930s at the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant, where it became a signature dish. It is named for the restaurant's owner, Robert Howard Cobb, first cousin of baseball legend Ty Cobb. Stories vary as to whether the salad was invented by Cobb or by his chef."

Interesting, no? This version sadly does not include chicken breast, avocado, chives, red-wine vinegrette, and Roquefort cheese, but it is still pretty delicious.

Cobb Salad
1 bed of romaine lettuce
chopped hard boiled egg
chopped tomatoes
torn up bacon
corn, zucchini, red onion medley
black beans
oil and vinegar (optional; we didn't use it because bacon provides enough salt, flavor, and fat)

1. Plate the lettuce.
2. Top with the other ingredients.