Friday, March 19, 2010

Basil Hummus with Cucumbers

Hummus and cucumbers go together like...toothbrush and toothpaste. Maybe that's not the best analogy. But it brings us to a more important point! Try this recipe, and we are confident you'll come up with something better.

Basil Hummus with Cucumbers
1 bowl of hummus
2 Tbsp basil infused olive oil (love this stuff!)
1 Tbsp chopped cucumbers
1 Tbsp white beans
2 tsp chopped red onion
sliced cucumbers
salad greens for garnish
dash of black pepper

1. Top the hummus with the oil. Take a moment to admire how it seeps artistically into the organic grooves of the lovely hummus.
2. Garnish with chopped cucumbers, white beans, red onion, and salad greens. Add some black pepper.
3. Spread on cucumber slices or crackers and enjoy!