Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Fling Egg Cheeseburger, inspired by Guillaume Riesen

This time, minus the veggies.

Inspired by Guillaume's Bacon and Egg Double Cheeseburger. As Guillaume says: "This is a very simple but mind-blowingly delicious and satisfying concoction. You simply order three eggs over-easy with cheese, then prepare a double cheeseburger (tomato slices and salad optional but somewhat frowned upon) with bacon when available. A dab of mayonnaise helps bind everything together later. You then carefully cut out each yolk, and place them in the burger - one at a time. Once one yolk is exhausted, stick in the next one. If you do it right, the yolks will well up at the front of the burger making a delicious warm sauce that replenishes itself with every bite. So. Good."

Thank you, Guillaume, for your sharing your inspirational food experiences with us.

I waited a good half hour in line for this quarter-pound Spring Fling burger plus 10 minutes in the omelette line, and one would think that after a good deal of waiting expectations should be pretty darn high. Maybe they were, but somewhere along the way I picked up a heaping teaspoon of that spice called Hunger. So when I finally got around to eating, this burger was very delicious indeed.

Spring Fling Egg Cheeseburger, inspired by Guillaume Riesen
1 burger (2 if you want a double cheeseburger)
1 plain bun
2 slices cheddar cheese
3 eggs, sunny side up
dab of mayo
dab of mustard (optional)
onion rings (optional)

1. Order 3 eggs, sunny side up, from omelette line.
2. Assemble burger: spread mustard and mayo on bun if desired, and layer patty with cheese, onions (optional). Use an upside-down plastic cup to cut out one of the yolks and place on top of patty.
3. Enjoy oozing egg yolk with each bite, replenish if necessary.