Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crispy Waffle with Whipped Cream

This was made somewhat on accident. The waffle batter happened to be runny, and it had the effect of producing a layered, nook-and-cranny filled, funnel-cake-like, crispy golden waffle that was just delicious with fluffy whipped cream.

Crispy Waffle with Whipped Cream
half ladle of waffle batter (make sure it is runny)
2-3 second squirt of whipped cream

1. Generously spray non-stick spray on top and bottom of waffle iron.
2. Pour runny waffle batter into waffle iron, press top down and turn over immediately and cook for 2 min 15 seconds.
3. Serve with a generous squirt of whipped cream and enjoy by a sunny window.