Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tuna Melt, Inspired by Guillaume Riesen

Thanks Guillaume for your awesome recipe! We tried it out and it was delicious. As Guillaume says, "I use the pre-made grilled cheese sandwiches from the vegetarian line. Pull one open, spread on a layer of tuna salad from the grill line, some tomato slices, and grill it on the panini maker until warmed through (the grilled cheeses are already a bit crunchy, so it doesn't take much). If you want salad, it seems important to add it on last - pull the sandwich open yet again and stick some in there. Otherwise it will tend to wilt on the grill. A dab of mayonnaise is optional."

Our version adds some cheese and omits the tomato, for no reason other than forgetfulness.
Tuna Melt, Inspired by Guillaume Reisen
1 whole wheat grilled cheese
1/2 cup tuna salad
1 slice cheddar cheese
lettuce leaves to serve it with

1. Pull open the grilled cheese.
2. Spread on a generous layer of tuna salad and add a slice of cheese.
3. Put the sandwich back together and press on the panini press for 1 minute.
4. Cut on a diagonal and serve with lettuce.