Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"The Cook" Cuban Sandwich

"The Cook" opens on Thursday April 8 and continues next weekend. Tickets can be bought here: brown.edu/tickets.

A "proper" Cuban sandwich, according to this website, must adhere to the following strict code:
1. Mayo, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, or lettuce are forbidden
2. Bread should be fresh and crusty
3. Use good roast pork - it's the heart of the sandwich
4. Never use a panini grill - real Cuban sandwiches never have grill lines (oops)
5. Cut into triangle wedges when done

This Ratty version makes use of the crusty ends of Seven Stars bread and Ratty ham (it was from the Bistro line...I think they called it honey baked - I'd say a decent approximation). The result was pretty good, but my taste buds found it a tad salty (since veggies are forbidden, all the elements are salty, except for the bread).

Anyhow, it's fun to try and eat one to get in the mood to see the new TAPS play, "The Cook"!

"The Cook" Cuban Sandwich
2 slices crusty Seven Stars bread
1 tsp mustard
4 slices honey baked ham
3 pickle slices
2 slices swiss cheese
1 pickle wedge for serving
2 tsp butter

1. Spread bread slices with mustard and sandwich between them the ham, pickle slices, and cheese.
2. Butter the outer crusts of both slices of bread.
3. Press on the panini for 2 minutes or until cheese is melted and bread is toasted.
4. Cut into triangle wedges and serve with pickle.