Thursday, December 10, 2009

Omelette Bagel

There's this poster outside Au Bon Pain with a gorgeous egg bagel, and it inspired me to make this. I don't know if this has occurred to anyone else, but how exactly does one eat a bagel sandwich? It's like they expect our mouths to be 7 inches tall. It looks nice, but it's impractical. Yet I found that if you take the thing apart and eat it with a fork and knife, interspersing your mouthfuls of egg with bites of toasted bagel, it's actually quite good. Enjoy!

Omelette Bagel
1 oat bagel
1 omelette (with mushrooms, peppers, cheese, onions)
baby spinach leaves

1. Toast the bagel.
2. Cut omelette into a circle to fit on the bagel.
3. Layer spinach and omelette between the top and bottom halves of bagel. Attempt to eat as a sandwich, fail, and use fork and knife.