Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pepperjack Cheese Veggie Pita Pocket

I used to think the whole wheat pita pockets were sour, tough, and inedible, but I was proven wrong by the flavor powers of garlic infused olive oil, pepperjack cheese, and the magic touch of the panini press. This veggie pita pocket is loaded with healthy nutrient-rich spinach, bell peppers, and mushrooms, not to mention the goodness of whole wheat pita. The perfect antidote to all the soft serve we've been consuming (you know who you are!).

Pepperjack Cheese Veggie Pita Pocket
1/2 whole wheat pita pocket
2 slices pepperjack cheese
3 slices portabello mushrooms
3 slices roasted red bell pepper
1 Tbsp corn
1/2 cup baby spinach
1 Tbsp chopped white onion
1 Tbsp shredded cheese
1/4 tsp garlic infused olive oil
1/2 cup romaine lettuce leaves

1. Layer the inside of the pita pocket with pepperjack cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, corn, spinach, onions, and shredded cheese.
2. Drizzle garlic infused olive oil on top.
3. Grill on the panini for 2 minutes, or until cheese is melted and pita pocket is golden brown.
4. Serve with fresh greens.