Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Josh's Beef and Onion Panini

Another gorgeous panini from our dear friend Josh. This one uses the brilliant pairing of fresh and fried onion rings to accentuate the savory-ness of the beef.

A note about lettuce:
Josh: "No lettuce."
The rest of us: "Why not?"
Josh: "Because it's not that kind of sandwich."
Moral of the story: If you want a sandwich with lettuce, look elsewhere. The star here is the meat, so please don't skimp on the protein; you might offend the sandwich.

Josh's Beef and Onion Panini
2 slices wheat bread
3-5 slices hot pastrami
1 slice roast beef
2 fried onion rings
2 fresh onion rings
2 slices American cheese
mustard (optional)

1. Assemble the sandwich.
2. Press in panini press until golden brown grill marks appear (3-5 minutes).
3. Slice in half and enjoy with a generous plateful of salad tossed lightly in balsamic vinegar, and/or a tall glass of water.*

*these are optional, but according to Josh the sandwich packs a hearty punch of saltiness that will likely make you crave something along the lines of mixed greens/water (lettuce on the side, however, not inside the sandwich).